client testimonials

Yelp user Andrea W. says:
I have been seeing Dina for about 7 years now, I have never left unhappy.  I am very very picky about my eyebrows and can say that without a doubt that Dina perfects them every time! I always get compliments on my brows and everyone I have sent to her has never been unhappy!! I highly recommend Dina for anything and everything when it comes to skin and waxing!

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Yelp user Merideth B. says:

DINA IS THE BEST!!!!  She gives the absolute best brow waxing in San Diego! I adore her and will not go anywhere else - ever. If you are looking for someone who is meticulous, gentle and listens to what you want Dina is perfect for you. I am PICKY and I love her. She is so sweet too!!

She is also great with skin. I went in for my brows and was having some problems with certain ares of my face and she did a consultation. Her recommendations have been spot on! My face looks amazing . . . You can tell she loves it too. She gets so excited when a product works or she sees results - it is so cute.

All of the reviews on here are great so I am sure it is clear she is amazing but I thought I would add one more. She deserves it!

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Yelp user Tiffany J. says:

Dina has been waxing my eyebrows for 10 years. She is by far the best in SD. I have not always lived in her area and so I have tried others when I am in a pinch and I am always disappointed. I even lived in LA for 6 months and gave up on trying new spas. I decided it was better to just drive to San Diego and see Dina. I have sent friends to her who are used to spending 3 times what she charges and they were shocked by her skills. She is a perfectionist and a brow artist! She never does the too thin look. I am always happy when I leave. I forgot to mention that I have ridiculously sensitive skin!

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Yelp user L.W. says:

When I first started going to Dina's Skin Care in February 2009, I'd been fighting with my over-50 skin for several years!  My skin was dry, rough and red underneath with an oily surface.  Dina analyzed the problems with my skin and after following her advice, I began a new regime.  Immediately, my skin tone improved.  The redness disappeared, along with the dry, rough texture.  I've stopped wearing face powder to disguise the surface oil, and my skin feels soft and smooth-really wonderful.  I have referred Dina to every friend that will listen to me and will continue to do so!  Oh, and Dina is The Eyebrow Master Artist!  I would never let anyone else touch my eyebrows!

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Yelp user E.B. says:

I"m almost nervous to write this, because Dina's is my best kept skin care place to go! I've been going to Dina for just about 10 years now. She is amazing! She truly cares about her clients skin. She does an amazing eyebrow job. Having thick eyebrows, i can just trust anyone, because most people want to thin them out. She does awesome pumpkin peals, leg waxing and extreamly relaxing facials. If your in the kearny mesa area i highly suggest giving her a visit!

oh...and i almost forgot to mention her microdermabrasions... they're amazing!! they clear your skin up so nicely, and honestly her's are the most affordable that i've seen in san diego.

Yelp user Erin D says:
I love Dina! She takes great care in making sure my skin and brows are in top shape, and she's really good at making it known when I've been slacking on my own skin care. She's my all around feel good go-to gal. It almost pains me to give her a great review because I'm an only child and I'm naturally selfish... but I realize that she's too awesome at what she does to not share to the Yelp world. 

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Yelp user Hilary C. says:
She is the BEST at brow waxing and amazing with skin!  

Dina is the only person I trust to do my waxing and facials.  I began going to Dina when I was 19 years old... I'm 29 now.  Over the past decade she has somehow managed to keep my skin looking great through some crazy years as a twenty-something.  

She recommends just the right products for your skin and never tries to upsell you.  In fact, if she doesn't sell the product she thinks will work for you she still recommends it.

Her biggest concern is making sure you're satisfied and I have never been anything less than completely stoked with my results with her.

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Yelp user A.H. says:
Dina offers the best facial and brow wax in San Diego. I work in the beauty business and have been seeing her exclusively for 9 years and traveled from Los Angeles for 3 years for my brow wax. Even when I was out of state for 6 months, I  never let anyone else touch my brows!!

When I was 18, I suddenly went through some awful hormonal changes and my skin broke out in acne. I attribute the zero scarring to Dina's facials and years later, still get complimented on the tone and texture of my skin almost daily. especially by elderly women:-)

Naturally, I've referred many people to Dina for a variety of concerns. My entire family goes to her as well as manyf riends and former co-workers. She is clearly the best kept beauty secret in San Diego!

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Yelp user Manizzle T. says:

I just moved here and needed my upper lip waxed (my family calls it my Tom Seleck) so I went on yelp. I stumbled across all these great reviews about Dina so I figured.... Why not?

As soon as I walked into this place I thought I was walking into a spa. The music was so calming and it smelled nice. When greeting me It was almost as if it was a long time friend she had not seen in awhile. It was very sweet.

When I got on the table she starting talking about my skin dryness and recommended products (I know what you're thinking... A sales person... But she said she would give me a free sample! She didn't have me buy anything) she also convinced me to get my eyebrows done, which they needed!

The time and attention she put in on my lip and eyebrows was amazing! I'm a very picky person when it comes to my brows. No one has ever done a better job!!! I will never let anyone else touch my face. I've already set up another appointment.

Thanks Dina!!